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Our automated online group training gets your healthcare staff OSHA certified fast.

Just buy and assign courses, your Healthcare Heroes complete the training on their laptop, tablet or smartphone, and receive their OSHA certificates by email. Simple.

OSHA Healthcare Certification from $14.95

Fast, fully compliant online training. Unlimited quiz retakes and 100% acceptance guarantee.

OSHA Seal Compliance

Automated Group Training 100% Online


You're looking for Online Healthcare Team training to save time and expense. Our solution is a quick way to assign training to your workers moments after registration. No learning complex systems and navigating through features you don’t need.


Our online group training is simple to use but very powerful. We avoid complex features that add no value. Simply sign up, assign the training, and track progress all from a single easy to use dashboard.​

True Diversity and Representation that Reflects Your Team

Now more than ever, we feel that the true diversity of the US population should be represented in training.

Healthcare in particular often attracts a widely diverse workforce and it’s likely your team members run the spectrum of genders, races, ethnicities, religions, and those with disabilities. So, it’s important that the training you provide them reflects this and fosters feelings of inclusion, empowerment and representation.

That’s why you will find a balanced mix of people represented in our visual images, simulations and all other course assets rather than simply middle aged white Doctors, although we definitely include a few of them too! Everyone is represented.

We don’t just do this to tick diversity boxes however, much research concludes that learners engage better with training when it includes people and situations that they identify with – so it’s a win-win situation.

healthcare team representation
Training that Truly Represents Your Team

Reduce Your Training Environmental Footprint

Traditional face-to-face training methods have an extremely high carbon and environmental footprint. 

This is mainly due to the need for both instructors and trainees to travel, and the running of training facilities.

Not only is our training just as effective as classroom training, it is also considerably cheaper and almost carbon neutral.

OSHA Compliant Certificate

After successfully completing the training, your staff will be awarded an OSHA certification for each applicable course.

Instant access and email delivery means your team is compliant immediately. All certificates are permanently stored in both your team member and group leader accounts where they can be verified or re-printed at any time.

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How it Works



View the full details of each course in the course catalog and decide which your Healthcare Training Team need to complete.




Go to the Buy Courses page and select the courses you want to include in your program, and the number of seats you require. You have complete freedom here to mix and match different courses and build your own custom program.




Next, verify your course package. Bulk discounts will be automatically calculated and clearly shown here, and are applied to the total number of course seats, regardless of the course type or individual price.




After checkout, you will be created as the Group Leader and automatically redirected to your Dashboard. Simply enter staff names and email addresses to assign available seats to your team.




From your Dashboard you can access progress and reporting so you know exactly who has commenced or completed their training, and follow up with them as required.




Upon completing a course your team members will receive their certificates by email, and you can also view and reprint their certificates from your Dashboard at any time.

Mixed training

Mix and match

Healthcare teams often multi-task by necessity, so we give you the flexibility to mix and match courses to your exact requirements whilst still offering a simple percentage discount on EVERY SEAT you buy.

You can add additional groups with the same courses, add new courses, or create a new group training pathway at any time. So, you can start off with a basic training program and simply assign additional training as it is needed.

Healthcare Team Training

Our carefully crafted online courses are built by experienced instructional designers and eLearning professionals. They will guide your team through all aspects of healthcare training and certification.

The courses cover both mandatory OSHA training and other recommended learning for healthcare staff. 

The comprehensive courses cover in detail what you need to know, emphasize key points with dialog simulations and test your knowledge retention after each module.

Common Questions about Healthcare Certification Courses

How much does the training cost?

Pricing starts from $14.95 per seat, depending on the length and complexity of the course. All courses are clearly priced up front with no surprises, and the more seats you buy, the greater the discount that will be applied.

Does this meet applicable OSHA 29 CFR 1910. requirements?

Yes. Our training is compliant with all OSHA requirements for the particular subjects and course. We actually include some additional material for reference over and above the OSHA requirements. The applicable OSHA standard(s) are clearly explained on each course profile.

How long does the training take?

Short courses usually take about 30 minutes. Longer courses between 1 hour and 3 hours. Each course seat time is clearly shown in the course profile and adheres to OSHA minimum training time requirements.

Is there exams and testing in the courses?

There is a short test at the end of each training module rather than a long final exam - so your staff should have no problems. If they do get too many questions wrong they can revise what they missed and retake each quiz as many times as needed in order to pass.

Why Choose Us?

We realize that the online course marketplace is crowded and that you have a lot of options. We believe that we have an amazing product that will truly help you to train your staff in the easiest way possible and provide them with an engaging learning experience.

Our cornerstone is full transparency and our aim to is to gain the trust of our customers.

Straightforward Pricing & Discounts

1-9 Seats

Standard Price

Per Course Seat

  • Automated Training
  • Online Reporting
  • Train on any Device

10-49 Seats

10% Discount

Per Course Seat

  • Automated Training
  • Online Reporting
  • Train on any Device

50-199 Seats

20% Discount

Per Course Seat

  • Automated Training
  • Online Reporting
  • Train on any Device

200+ Seats

30% Discount

Per Course Seat

  • Automated Training
  • Online Reporting
  • Train on any Device

Have More Questions?

We think we covered all the basics above but there may be some other questions you need answered before you begin your training. The chances are someone else has asked the same question, so feel free to check the FAQ page.

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