Improving Patient Safety and Quality of Care One Team at a Time

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TeamSTEPPS™, the team performance program developed for the Department of Defense and the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ), focuses on four evidence-based learnable teamwork skills used by other high risk industries including aviation: Leadership, Situational Monitoring, Mutual Support, and Communication. A TeamSTEPPS™ initiative occurs in three continuous phases for shifting your organization towards a Culture of Safety and High Reliability.

Phase I: Assessment Phase II: Planning, Training, and Implementation Phase III: Sustainment
»   Survey existing patient safety climate, culture, and vision »   Plan your TeamSTEPPS™ initiative using the Course Management Guide »   Coach and integrate teamwork behaviors with local processes
»   Establish baseline patient safety and quality data »   Develop customized TeamSTEPPS™ training curriculum based on assessed needs »   Provide on-going measurement of local teamwork through team observations
»   Observe team performance and team process data »   Implement local training plan using the Implementation Guide and 10 Step Plan »   Use simulation and other team events to spread teamwork
»   Identify local TeamSTEPPS™ opportunities »   Provide expert trainers for course instruction »   Reinforce team behaviors in continuous improvement efforts