Helipad Safety for Hospitals

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Using helicopters to transport sick and injured patients has become an integral part of modern emergency care. Annually, thousands of patients are transported via helicopters throughout the USA

This is one of the many reasons hospital managers should proactively maintain their facility helipad. 

This course offers a brief overview of helipas safety for hospitals and best safety practices for staff.

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Heliport Safety for Hospitals - Curriculum

Heliport Safety

A short overview of helicoptor equipment hazards.

Learn about the noise and communication hazards that may be encountered on a hospital helipad.

Specific details on how to deal with debris on a helipad.

Specific information on what ergonomic hazards may be present when using helipads.

Learn about the fueling hazards present when fueling a helicoptor on a helipad.

Additional safety considerations for hospital helipads.


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