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How to use the Training

The training doesn’t open/run

Please note that the online training opens in an ‘lightbox’ – this doesn’t mean a new window, rather an overlay window of the current browser window/tab. This could be affected by the use of pop-up blockers on the site so please disable pop-up blockers for the www.bloodbornecertification.com domain before you start the training.

How do I take the training course?

We’ve designed a clean, distraction-free, and intuitive training platform that will help ensure you have the best possible training experience. Here is some useful information on how the site and the courses work. Learner Dashboard The learner dashboard allows you to view and access your training courses. From here, you can start or resume a …

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Do I have to finish the training in one sitting?

No, you can complete it all at once if you prefer, and most people do as the courses are so short and engaging, but you can also break it up into several shorter sessions. Our system remembers where you left off and will resume from that point when you return.

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