OSHA Mercury Hazard & Safety Training

29CFR 1910.1000 , 29CFR 1910.32/34, 29CFR 1910.141

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Mercury is used in many instruments and products in the healthcare setting due to its uniform response to temperature and pressure changes. Sphygmomanometers (blood pressure monitors), laboratory and patient care thermometers, and gastrointestinal devices use mercury to function.

Mercury compounds are also used in preservatives, fixatives, and reagents. Mercury from medical applications can enter the environment through sewers, spills, and land disposal of trash.

Workers in medical, dental, or other health services who work with equipment that contains mercury are at risk of being exposed to the toxic metal.

Compliant with OSHA Standards

29CFR 1910.1000 , 29CFR 1910.32/34, 29CFR 1910.141

Mercury Safety - Curriculum

Mercury Hazards

A short overview of mercury in the workplace.

The most common potential modes of occupational exposure to mercury and why mercury exposure is hazardous to health.

Discover both the acute and chronic health implications of mercury exposure.

Learn about how different practices can help to stop or manage mercury hazards, and which types of controls are the most effective.

Learn about the OSHA standards that apply to mercury in the workplace.

Learn who in the workplace is alloed to clean up Mercury spills, and what NOT to do when engaged in cleanup activities.

Learn the correct step-by-setp process to use when cleaning up Mercury spills.

Learn about other devices that can be used in a healthcare setting to reduce the reliance on Mercury based products.

Learn strategic steps and review a case study on going Mercuet free in helathcare facilities.


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