Slip, Trip, and Fall Prevention

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Worldwide, falls are the second leading cause of accidental death and the third leading cause of disability. In the USA the health services sector is the largest private employer, with around 10 million workers. 

STFs accounted for the largest proportion of lost time injuries to health care workers and the incidence of these injuries in hospitals was markedly higher than in private industry. The large population of workers at risk and the frequent occurrence makes STF incidents a substantial problem for health care workers.

This course takes a closer look at several top hazards that cause STFs in the healthcare setting.

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Slips, Trips, and Falls - Curriculum

Top Hazards and Solutions

This lesson introduces the what will be covered in the module.

Learn what floor based contaminants can be present in a healthcare environment.

Learn how poor drainage systems can contribute to workplace injuries.

Learn about the risks associated with indoor walking surface irregularities.

Learn about the risks associated with outdoor walking surface irregularities.

Learn how weather conditions can contribute to slip, trip, and fall dangers.

Learn how inadequate lighting presents dangers in a workplace.

Learn the safety standards that should be applied to stairs and handrails.

This lesson covers tripping hazards in more detail.

This lesson covers the correct use of floow matting.

Tools and Resources

Learn about the the correct process to analyze your healthcare facility’s STF history.

Learn the basic requirements of creating a risk assessment.

Learn the best practices for employee training and involvement.

Learn about how employers can create an effective STF prevention program.


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